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Bob Gamble

Bob Gamble

Bob is working on his internship to complete the final requirements for a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling degree from Liberty University. Bob recently retired as a police officer in Greenville after 23 years of service. His background also includes work as a paramedic and firefighter prior to moving to Greenville. Bob attended Auburn University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religion and a Master of Arts in Public Administration.

During his career in public service Bob saw the need for mental health support for first responders who were impacted by critical incidents and long-term stress. As he grew closer to retirement Bob decided to return to graduate school in order to become certified as a counselor so he could work with folks who struggle with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, anger, despair, grief/loss, life transitions, and other common struggles. Bob’s main focus, however, is treatment of trauma and trauma-related stress, especially for first responders and military personnel. Although Bob employs a variety of strategies in his approach to counseling, he places a strong emphasis on helping clients find meaning and purpose in life. In this regard,  Bob takes a holistic approach to counseling and helping clients develop a vision of hope beyond their current struggles. In addition to first responders and military personnel, Bob works with groups, adolescents, families, and providing psychoeducation to groups and organizations impacted by stress.

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